Air Pollution Control

Reimagining The Possible

We have reimagined air pollution control to better serve your total environmental compliance requirements. Our unique approach allows you to outsource as much or as little of your needs, with options to minimize your upfront capital costs and reduce long-term risks, freeing you up to focus on the core of your business needs.

precision partners

Through our unique and innovative Environmental Compliance as a ServiceTM (E-CaaS) solution offering, we manage your need, not just your equipment. We design, build, own, operate and maintain your air pollution control system, and are vested in your long-term success through management of ongoing compliance and performance risks, while minimizing your upfront capital needs.

Our business combines individuals and companies that are known leaders and pioneers within their respective products, technologies, and services. Together, we are a partnership of air pollution control experts with decades of experience, each united with the aim of delivering environmental compliance solutions to meet with 21st century expectations.


Introducing Environmental Compliance as a Service (E-CaaS)

E-CaaS provides a flexible one-stop-shop capability to outsource all your environmental compliance needs, minimizing upfront capital, while delivering guaranteed compliance.

Through our extensive experience in designing and delivering air pollution control solutions around the world, we knew there had to be a better way to reduce costs and minimize risks for our clients. While everything required for guaranteed compliance is available today, each element is offered within silos. We utilize what the market offers through exclusive partnerships, combining your tailored requirements into one solution that delivers cost-effective long-term guaranteed compliance from a partner that is vested in your success.
By managing the entire environmental compliance needs from start to finish, we deliver a tailored solution, not solely a capitally intensive product, delivered as a long-term service.

Upfront Design & Permitting Support

Services to support solution design & permitting

Turnkey System Delivery

Singular vs Multi Pollutant Technology Requirements

Advanced Controls, Automation & Monitoring

Advanced controls, monitoring and analysis

Operating & Maintaining your System

Outsourced LT Compliance Management

Outsourced Finance & Risk Management

Cost & Risk Flexibility to suit your individual needs

All-in-One Solution

Our E-CaaS Solution is built upon 5 principal building blocks that cover all your needs from start to finish, allowing you to pick and choose the scope that delivers a tailored solution that meets your individual needs.

Guaranteed Performance

We work in partnership with our clients to design, build, operate, and maintain not only your equipment or system, but your complete compliance needs. By guaranteeing permitted compliance, we minimize your exposure to the operation and management of performance risks.

No upfront cost

Removing your principal barrier to installing the correct systems and solutions, E-CaaS allows you to minimize or even avoid any up-front capital expenditure, delivering a solution that provides the right CapEx/OpEx balance, with long-term price certainty.

State of the art technologies

With our extensive experience in the market, both our team and our partners are selected to ensure not only leading technologies, products or services are provided, but importantly, they are vested in delivering pioneering E-CaaS solutions for the long-term. Our range of partners allows our decision making to be agnostic, ensuring we select the right products and services to meet your needs, not solely our inhouse inventory.

Smart Control Integration

Integrating smart and advanced controls, automation, monitoring & diagnostics into your solution provide significant efficiency improvements. We work with you to design optimal controls to enhance performance efficiencies, guarantee compliance, and minimize operating costs.

Precision Partners


Agnostic evaluations delivering state-of-the-art system designs

Our aim by bringing together decades of air pollution control experience wasn’t solely to provide you with best-in-class APC technologies. It was to utilize the collective efforts to provide you with the experience of working with a partner that is structured to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to help solve a specific issue, get a quote for a specific technology, or leave the design and operation of your APC requirements to us, we have the range, expertise and capabilities to provide the right technologies to meet your long-term needs.
We are your one-stop-shop for air pollution control and environmental compliance. With the depth, experience, and capabilities of our technology partners, we deliver a technology agnostic approach, ensuring the right technology is installed to best maximize your long-term needs.

Our range of technologies have been proven to deliver the highest levels of reliability and performance across all major legislated pollutants. As a business, we don’t just talk the talk, but instead provide you with long-term performance guarantees via E-CaaS to prove it!

Technology Offering


Catalytic Ceramic Filters


Heat Exchangers


Bag Filters/Fabric Filters


Thermal Oxidizers


Electrostatic Precipitators



Technology Offering




Activated Carbon Injection


Selective Catalytic Reduction


Dry Sorbent Injection


Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction


Recirculating Dry Scrubber


Your one-stop-shop for all your environmental compliance needs

As the only company that can provide all of the products, services and solutions that are required for full environmental compliance, contact us for any question or concern you have. Between our team and our partners, we have the answer.

The extensive capabilities of our team and partners span throughout your environmental compliance needs, ensuring that when it comes to requiring support, we are always ready to help. Whether requiring a one-off service, or delivering in tandem, rest assured that our team have the experience, capabilities, and desire to ensure that you have best-in-class service each and every time.

Our aim is to ultimately be your preferred partner for environmental compliance. While that may require a fully outsourced E-CaaS solution, at other times, you may need individual support. This is why, through our team, we are able to provide you these services individually, or as part of the wider solution.

Precision Partners

Permitting & Upfront Support

Pilots & Demonstrations

Equipment Design

Turnkey Delivery

Precision Partners

Operation & Maintenance

Remote Monitoring

Emission Monitoring

Advanced Controls


Extensive global experience spanning most industries and technologies

Precision Partners, together with our pre-selected partners, work seamlessly together to deliver a best-in-class solution. Our extensive experience in both APC technology and solution delivery allows our clients to manage their pollution control. With extensive global technology experience, across a wide variety of major industries, we have the experience and capabilities to be your true and long-term environmental compliance partner.

Our Partners

As our name implies, working with the right partners is critical to our entire approach. Our partners bring experience, technology, resources (human and infrastructure), and a distinct view of the world. Each partner is unique in terms of both technology and experience, but when they collaborate as a team the result is creative environmental compliance solution that deliver cost-effective assurance for our clients that deliver a wide range of risk, cost and performance benefits.

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