Environmental Compliance as a Service (E-CaaS)

An innovative model to maximize results and minimize risk.With no up-front CapEx, Environmental Compliance as a Service (E-CaaS) enables organizations achieve long-term permitted environmental compliance with reduced cost, minimized risk, and cost stability.

At our core is desire to provide a unique and one-of-a-kind solution that meets your total needs. While engineering, equipment and service providers have individually undertaken extensive research and development to provide the best systems, products, and services, they offer only one element of the total solution, leaving you the responsibility of integrating these elements into one solution, while you retain the burden of managing all risks and costs.

It’s time for a smarter solution, one which puts you in control. Environmental Compliance as a Service (E-CaaS) is an all-in-one solution that takes the work and worry off meeting your permitted compliance off your plate, leaving it to the experts. With the ability to tailor the solution to meet your needs, we can minimize your upfront capital through a predictable monthly payment, while managing the full compliance over a long-term basis to reduce your ongoing risk. So how does it work?

Our Approach

Meet environmental compliance requires the combination of a wide range of technologies, systems, and services. Each of these elements have their own risks and costs, and when integrating ten’s, if not hundreds of companies together, these risks and costs can grow exponentially,

The E-CaaS model breaks down environmental compliance into five core building blocks. Within each, there are a number of products, systems and services that are required to achieve the goal. In partnership, we work together to build a tailored solution that allows you the capability to manage any element that you want, while outsourcing the rest to us within your personalized and tailored E-CaaS solution. Every client, site and permit is different and therefore, our aim is to tailor our solution to meet your exact needs.

Our process to delivering your tailored solution

While the process of meeting your environmental compliance needs is complex, we work to streamline the overall process, working in partnershipwith you every step of the way to ensure we meet your needs. While the traditional approach is to focus on meeting your initial and immediate need (permitted compliance), we also focus on delivering cost-effective and guaranteed compliance for your long-term needs, Our approach is built upon five core steps:


We work with our clients to learn about your needs, not solely what is required for environmental compliance, but importantly, your wider straegic business goals, to ensure that your E-CaaS solution will align to your long term needs


Based on our fact-finding, we design a preliminary solution that is built upon our recommended APC system, while demonstrating the capability of E-CaaS to provide you with the flexibility to pick and choose the that best suit your individual needs


Based on the concept solution, we then work hand-in-hand with you to build your tailored E-CaaS solution with full transparency of risks, costs and performance, enabling you the capability to balance all of the key levers to your decision making needs, from the permitting requirements of the projec, to balancing CapEx, OpEx, performance and risk.


Once your E-CaaS design has been fully detailed, we get to work with our partners to detail and design your tailored E-CaaS solution. Transparency and communication throughout this process is fundamental, providing you a robust E-CaaS solution that meets your exact needs in the long-term


The time comes to deliver, and from your dedicated project manager that will remain with you throughout the full contract, to ur wide range of partners, we work in combination to deliver the systems, services and solutions that deliver your site long-term guaranteed compliance

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