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The federal air quality regulations are accompanied by thousands of pages of interpretive guidance and each state has their own air quality regulations and permitting procedures. Interpreting this information can be difficult and time consuming if you don’t specialize in air quality consulting.

By partnering with ALL4, it enables us to work alongside an experienced air quality consultants to help each facility develop a site-specific permitting and compliance strategy and prepare permit applications.
While ALL4 offer a wide array of services within their own right, by working in combination with Precision Partners, we are uniquely able to incorporate a wider perspective when it comes to long-term environmental compliance, removing silo mentalities that can occur. Our focus in on provided the most effective longterm environmental compliance solution, and when incorporating a wider range of factors such as operating strategy, delivery strategy, and future strategic needs, it enables a more holistic permitting approach that is better designed to serve your long-term needs, not solely your immediate permitting needs

To provide further reassurances, or to better demonstrate the effectiveness of specific technologies, we can provide a wide range of CFD modeling and mobile testing equipment that can provide further evidence of the effectivenss of specific technologies to meet your needs.

Our CFD modeling partner utilizes an accurate and preductive tool for modeling reductions of NOx, SO2, SO3 and HCl. This highly advanced modeling technique can be used for practical design, optimizing solutions, problem solving, and importantly, providing pollutant reduction predictions.
Our onsite testing systems provide our clients with a practical understanding of the capabilities of our ceramic filter technology and dry sorbent injection systems. With the ability to purchase or rent, we can work with you to develop a plan that can meet your individual needs.

The devil is always in the detail, and as such we work with a range of leading design and engineering firms that enable us to provide an optimized design that is right first time. Integrating our experience across a wide range of technologies and markets, we create system designs that deliver greater transparency, flexibility and optionality.

Our mantra is to initially demonstrate a system that focuses on designing a system that can provide you with our lowest achievable capital cost (LACC) system to meet your primary objectives – compliance. In providing you this baseline system, it provides you with a foundation whereby decisions can be made
We then demonstrate a range of system options and solution enhancements that include additional scope that is proven to enhance your system in respect to reducing operating costs, improving the operability and maintainability of your system, and/or reducing your exposure to risk.
We then work with you to design an overall system design that best meets your individual needs, with the full transparency of a cost-benefit analysis.

We have the full capability to deliver your system as a full turnkey project, allowing you to receive a complete air pollution control system.

We have the full capability to deliver your system as a full turnkey project, allowing you to receive a complete air pollution control system. Whether an individual air pollution control project, or as part of a wider project, we welcome the opportunity to work synergistically with other contracts and/or overarching EPC contractors to better optimize the delivery of your projects.

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The successful operation of the ceramic filter technology in the industrial environment has driven the adoption of disruptive technology including both Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) and Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer (DOAS) based analyzers. These technologies provide high accuracy at a lower cost than traditional extractive CEMS with the features and advantages listed below.

Features and Advantages for TDL and DOAS

Cross Stack – Non-intrusive
No parts located in process stream
No corrosion
No particulate buildup on probe
Closed cell calibrations (no compressed gas standards required)
DOAS UV lamp is safely located in analyzer away from process
Minimal maintenance and consumable parts required
Clean optics enclosure windows quarterly
Replace blower dust filter quarterly
Replace xenon lamp 3-5 years
Calibrations performed at analyzer, not at probe
No particulate buildup on probe
The diagram shows the basic components of each system and most importantly shows the absence of sample lines, calibration gas cylinders, gas conditioning panels, and a dedicated shelter.
Path Length
Up to 2 meters
Dynamic Range
5 orders of magnitude
Response Time
0.1 seconds and higher
Factory set
Light Source
Deuterium lamp/Xe Arc lamp
Air Purge
0 to 15 L/min
Operating Conditions
Source Gas
-100 to 1,800 C
-40 to 65 C
5-95% RH
5-95% RH
25-2,000 mbar
25-2000 mbar
System Sensitivities
Detection Limit ppbv
Detection Limit ppbv
These non extractive systems are incorporated into all of the projects developed by Precision Partners and have proven to provide superior accuracy, with much less maintenance, resulting in less downtime, less operating cost, and at a lower initial installed cost than traditional CEMS for more than 10 years. The technology was and continues to be refined by Unisearch Inc out of Toronto Canada and fully turnkey systems are designed, fabricated, and delivered by our technology partner, CEMTEK KVB-Enertec.

In combination with our synergistic control and CEMS solutions, we have the capability to provide a holistic monitoring, analysis and reporting service, providing our clients with wider solution that can maintain ongoing compliance, while driving continuous operating efficiencies.

With the right technology, it really is possible to build a better future. That’s the promise of E-CaaS and our approach to delivering the right solution. We utilize data and analytics to continuously monitor the health of your system. That means we can predict potential breakdowns or other problems before they happen, enabling your system to deliver the environmental compliance you need, uninterrupted.
We install specific data collection systems, and collect raw data into our cloud based performance analytics system. Our team of EHS and IT specialists enable continuous monitoring of your system, liaising directly with our local operations team to both mitigate issues and optimize the operation. Additionally, we can utilize the system to submit all ongoing permit reports on your behalf.

By considering your operation and maintenance strategy upfront, pertinent decisions can be made that can affect the upfront system design. While we pride ourselves on delivering ‘operator-friendly’ systems. Any APC system can be complex and difficult to some clients depending on their prior experience. With the requirement to meet ongoing environmental compliance an absolute risk (essentially requiring compliance is met at all times of operation), this can bring a significant risk to operating these systems.

Our aim is to provide our clients with critical options to be able to deliver environmental compliance in as seamless a manner as possible. With the ability to outsource the operation and maintenance of these APC systems, it allows our clients to focus on their core business, with the confidence that they can operate their facilities without the risks associated with meeting their permitted requirements.
As no two clients are the same, we provide flexibility in the O&M solutions we offer, allowing clients to develop an O&M solution that is tailored to each site. From piecemealing a solution, utilizing, and maximizing existing resources on site, to outsourcing all O&M requirements, our tiered offering delivers this. When your O&M strategy is considered both upfront, and on a long-term basis, it provides greater certainty and efficiencies to be achieved.

A significant advantage of ceramic filter systems over alternative systems is the relatively low operating costs, however consumables still provide one of the biggest operating cost variables.

At Precision Partners, we work closely with key partners that are specialists in providing these consumables to sites all around the world. As part of a wider operation & maintenance contract, Precision Partners can manage the procurement and delivery of these consumables, ensuring that they are delivered on-time and to the right quality each time.

The seamless operation of your ceramic filters is paramount to the efficient operation of your system. Our solutions are utilize the #1 filter brand in the world – Cerafil® – with over 150,000 ceramic filters installed globally. While the filters are proven to provide more than 10 years of continuous use, effective process control is key to continuous operation.However, a key service that we highly recommend is annual filter testing.

We remove two filters per filter house per year (and replace with two newly supplied filters). These filters are sent to our testing facility in the US where a variety of tests are performed, comprising filter strength, pressure drop, and PM penetration. We provide a ‘health check’ report on the status of your filters which can identify any issues before they become more serious and help to determine future replacement strategies.

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