Our team and partners have extensive experience across a wide range of industries. By combining the experience and capabilities of each collaborative partner we work with, we provide can provide unrivalled experience across your holistic environmental compliance needs.

With experience across a diverse range of industries, delivering a wide array of technologies and services, we understand the nuances that occur between industries and clients. No two clients, sites or industries are the same, and therefore unique solutions are required to meet your individual needs.


The biomass industry has seen growing importance and influence with both renewable, and the overall energy mix. As such, a growing range of combustion, gasification and pyrolysis technologies are leading the way in utilizing the wide range of biomass fuels for a wide range of benefits. As the biomass market has significantly evolved, so too have air pollution control systems required.

The diversify of biomass and waste fuels requires a diversified approach, ensuring that the pollution control systems can adapt to the potential variety of fuels, and subsequent flue gas conditions. We work through these considerations with our clients, ensuring that we best balance the potential differences in flue gas conditions, with the required systems.
Our team and partners have extensive experience in all aspects of the biomass project development, and the range of technologies, products, and services to meet your needs. Our E-CaaS solutions align perfectly for new biomass developers, reducing upfront capital, and outsourcing long-term performance risk to a reliable partner that is focused on being your long-term environmental compliance partner.

This growing industry requires partners that re committed and flexible in meeting the growing and changing needs of the market. With the growth of recycled batteries, comes the need to ensure reliable and cost-effective abatement of the pollutants through this process.

We have a full and extensive range of technologies in order to provide an agnostic evaluation of the right solution for your facility. Each client has different strategic drivers, and our solutions are designed to match your strategy. from short-term low capital cost driven solutions, to longer-term lowest Lifetime cost solutions, our approach is to align the system to meet your direct needs. When combining with our innovative E-CaaS approach, we can take the burden of meeting environmental compliance off your hands, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Through exclusive collaboration with one of our key partners, Redecam, we have over three decades experience in providing air filtration solutions to the cement industry. Through extensive R&D and decades of experience, a wide range of products have also been developed specifically targeted to the lime industry, such as Redecam’s Double-Passage Gas-to-Air Heat Exchanger.

Through the collaboration of our partners, we can conceive, design, manufacture, install and commission all systems necessary to control air and flue gas emissions from your facility, allowing you to reach emission reduction targets and become more environmentally friendly.

With ever stricter environmental regulations, combined with a competitive marketplace, it is more important that ever to execute environmental compliance as cost-effectively. Combining the technical excellence of our partners, with our flexible Environmental Compliance as a Service™ (E-CaaS) solution, we are uniquely positioned to ensure that the cement, lime and aggregates have the quality and performance they demand, with the capability to reduce upfront costs and compliance risks.

The Chemical Processing Industry (CPI) supplies a significant variety of raw materials to a wide array of inter-related industries. The demand for the products, in many cases requires continuous operation of their air pollution control systems in order to meet demanding production schedules.

Our wide range of products and services are well-suited to the demands of the chemical processing industry, delivering high performance, continuously operating, air pollution control systems. When combined with our unique Environmental Compliance as a Service™ (E-CaaS) solution, we can provide flexible contracting approaches that allow our clients to focus on their core production needs, with the confidence that their site meet all environmental compliance needs in the long-term.

The extensive engineering expertise of our business, combined with our flexible E-CaaS solutions, guarantee compliance and optimized performance so your chemical plant can focus on production.

We work with leading carbon capture technology suppliers that provide long-term CO2 capture solutions for our clients. In utilizing ceramic filters within the overall process, we deliver optimal flue gas conditions for the carbon capture technology, delivering guaranteed flue gas conditions with low risk and high uptime.

Utilizing carbon capture technology for post-combustion facilities is fast becoming a cost-effective solution to help decarbonize industrial businesses. Through our partnerships, we evaluate the current flue gas conditions and existing technologies to ensure guaranteed flue gas conditions at the inlet to the carbon capture technology. Whether installing new equipment for full flue gas treatment, retrofitting existing APC equipment, and/or adding a ‘polishing’ technology, we have the capability. When incorporating our innovative E-CaaS approach, we not only deliver a turnkey technical solution, but can take on the responsibility of delivering long term flue gas conditions that meet the conditions required for the environmental permit and carbon capture technology.

We have been involved with flue gas treatment throughout the carbon black industry for a long time, and have experience in evaluating a number of technologies from wet and dry scrubbers, to advanced PM removal.

Carbon Black is a strong candidate for carbon capture, and together with our ceramic filter technology, we have the capability to deliver cost-effective pollution abatement that serves both traditional, regulated pollutants such as PM< SO2, NOx, etc., and also CO2 removal. With our innovative E-CaaS approach, we can minimize the capital expenditure for you facility, ensuring you have a long-term partner committed to meeting the environmental permit and carbon capture requirements, Contact us for more information about how we can better support your facility.

Our team’s extensive experience throughout the glass industry ensures that our clients receive support from leaders within the industry. We have experience designing and delivering systems that are operating in flat/float, fiber, container, and tableware glass facilities, and are continuously operating to local and EPA regulations for PM, NOx, SO2, HCl, VOC, and Heavy Metals.

Having pioneered ceramic filter technology into the glass industry over a decade ago, our team have worked on nearly 50 installations throughout North America. While ceramic filter systems are considered Best Available Control Technology (BACT) in many states, we provide a wide range of air pollution control technologies and services that can meet individual needs, from Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, to retrofitting existing baghouse and ESP to ceramic filter technologies, ensuring that within the same footprint, you can meet new or revised multi-pollutant requirements.

Our systems are proven to deliver continuous operation with no adverse downtime, and with a modular design functionality, we can ensure we help future-proof your facility for any long-term capacity increases. Combined with our E-CaaS solution offering, we can uniquely provide our clients long-term environmental compliance with no upfront capital and long-term risk assurance.

Precision Partners, in combination with our partners, have the right solutions to be able to deliver high performance cost-effective solutions for industries within this market category.

We have experience delivering a wide range of solutions throughout these markets, including ESPs, Baghouses, and SCR’s, delivering the right level of performance and cost to ensure long-term value for our clients. In combination with a key partner, Redecam, we can bring ceramic filter technologies to the core, providing certainty and lower lifetime costs. By utilizing your existing equipment, we can retrofit to meet ew, stricter regulations across a range of pollutants not currently abated. Contact us for more information about how we can cost-effectively meet your pollution abatement needs, both now and in the long-term.

As with all major industries, the desire to deliver higher levels of pollutant reduction is more critical than ever. With the demand for more environmentally friendly products in the face of increasing opposition to fossil fuels, delivering best-in-class environmental compliance provides a strong message.

At Precision Partners, we have the products and services to enable optimal flue gas treatment and environmental compliance unlike no others. While most companies focus on the technology, product or system required, our solutions are focused on your absolute need – compliance.

We work in partnership with a number of clients within the oil & gas sector to develop solutions that can be retrofitted to deliver maximum multi-pollutant reductions on flue gas emissions on existing refineries and Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU). Additionally, through wider collaboration, we develop long-term solutions to develop pollutant offsetting strategies that maximize the cost-effectiveness of your compliance strategy.

As a business, and together with our partners, we have extensive experience in the abatement of a range of pollutants on diesel engines, with our proprietary ceramic filter systems capable of >99.99% of diesel particulate

With Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE) legislation, utilizing ceramic filter systems could be the preferred choice for many facilities that require reliable multi-pollutant reduction. The legislation applies to existing, new and reconstructed stationary diesel-fueled/compression ignition (CI) and existing stationary gas-fired engines/spark ignition. Contact us for further information about how we can support you facility meting these requirements,

Concern for global climate change coupled with high oil prices has generated new interest in renewable energy sources, one of which is using waste (sewage sludge, municipal solid waste, tired desired fuel, etc.) to produce a valuable by-product, whether biochar, energy, or syngas

Whether requiring multi-pollutant reduction of the flue gas to meet environmental compliance, or reduce dust and particulate from the syngas, we have the experience and product range to support your needs. Our ceramic filter systems are well suited to deliver optimal particulate and dust removal in the syngas (>99.99%) to allow for electricity production. While wet electrostatic precipitator (wESP) and venturi wet scrubbers have been used  for syngas cleaning systems, ceramic filters provide an all dry system that can deliver optimized efficiency.

Additionally, ceramic filters are the premier solution for delivering high levels of pollutants such as PM, NOx, SOx, HCl, and VOC to permitted levels, with the temperature flexibility to allow for optimal operation. For further improvement of the overall plant efficiency, our team can also support the integration with waste heat recovery.

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