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About Us

At Precision Partners, we’re not just another company in the air pollution control field – we’re revolutionizing it.
We approach things differently, from our cutting-edge technologies to our holistic solutions.

Our mission isn’t just about products; it’s about crafting tailored solutions that cater to our client’s long-term compliance needs.

Uniquely positioned, we seamlessly integrate the diverse offerings of numerous vendors into comprehensive air pollution control solutions.
This one-stop-shop approach streamlines interfaces, cuts capital expenses and reduces risk exposure for our clients.
By doing so, we enable them to focus on their core business while we handle the rest.

Our strength lies in the expertise, experience, and attitude of our exceptional team and partners.
Together, we challenge conventions, embrace innovation, and strive for excellence every day.
We’re not bound by limitations; we’re pioneers delivering tangible value where others say it’s impossible.

If you’re ready to be part of an inspiring team that confronts environmental challenges head-on, Precision Partners welcomes you to join us.

About the Role

As a Process Engineer with us, you’ll be a technical driving force,
contributing to the entire lifecycle of Capital Projects – from feasibility studies to construction and successful startup.
Your expertise will optimize plant operations, enhancing capacity, cost efficiency, safety, quality, and environmental standards.

Key Responsibilities:

• Act as the process engineer on capital project teams, providing essential technical input.
• Develop and refine technical deliverables for major projects to ensure they align with business and project objectives.
• Perform Material and Energy Balances (M&EB’s) for process optimization.
• Create Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s) for effective project communication.
• Analyze Failure and Cause Diagrams (F&CD’s) to preempt and address potential issues.
• Collaborate within plant optimization teams to identify opportunities for cost, capacity, safety, and environmental improvements.
• Champion safety culture by actively participating in safety programs.
• Effectively communicate issues to supervisors and collaborate on solutions.
• Contribute to the overall success of projects and problem-solving efforts.

What We’re Looking For:

• A strong analytical thinker with a proactive approach to solving complex problems.
• Exceptional teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with diverse teams.
• A commitment to safety, quality, and environmental standards.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• A bachelor’s degree in Engineering or a related field.
• Relevant experience in process engineering within industrial settings.

How to Apply:

Ready to take your engineering career to the next level? Complete the attached form with your resume or reach out to us at for more information.


Project Manager

Orange County, CA

About Us

At Precision Partners, we are trailblazers in the field of air pollution control (APC) for North American industrial manufacturing industries. What sets us apart? It’s our innovative approach – from cutting-edge technologies and diverse services to groundbreaking solutions and calculated risks.

We’re not just about products and services; we’re here to provide tailored, long-term compliance solutions to our customers.

We boast a unique ability to unify diverse APC components from different vendors into a holistic solution. Our all-in-one methodology simplifies processes, reduces costs, and mitigates risks for our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Our true strength lies in the collective expertise, experience, and attitude of our exceptional employees and partners.
By harnessing this unmatched talent, we craft custom solutions for our clients. We’re a team of can-do individuals who challenge conventions daily,
always striving for excellence.

We’re not your ordinary company – we’re fresh, vibrant, and transformative.
We’re achieving what others deem impossible. In reality, they can’t, but we certainly can – and we do.
Joining Precision Partners means embracing daily challenges and defying conventional thinking. Our approach might not suit everyone,
but it’s a pioneering journey that genuinely adds value to our customers’ needs.

Our team gets it. Our partners get it. And our expanding client base is getting it.
Are you ready to be a pivotal member of our team, driving our clients to confront their environmental challenges head-on?

About the Role

We’re in search of a dedicated Project Manager to lead intricate air pollution control projects for a diverse range of industrial manufacturing clients.
In this role, you’ll leverage your extensive experience to devise strategies and work plans that prioritize safety, quality, and the well-being of your team.
As you engage with key clients to expand our business, you’ll collaborate with renowned technical experts, crafting and implementing comprehensive site strategies,
and delivering ingenious solutions for the most demanding sites.

Your leadership will shine as you guide project teams,
which encompass junior field and technical staff, senior technical consultants, and subject matter experts.
You’ll have support from internal management to execute environmental projects successfully.
The majority of projects will necessitate meticulous strategy development, drawing on technical proficiency while fostering client and stakeholder participation.

If you bring a positive outlook and adaptable leadership style,
we’re here to help you nurture your driving force – resolving intricate site characterization and remediation challenges.

Apply Today:

For more details, complete the attached form along with your resume or get in touch with us at Join Precision Partners on this journey to redefine industry norms and leave an enduring impact on environmental solutions.
Your project management expertise will shape the future – are you up for the challenge?


Looking for a New Role

Orange County, CA

At Precision Partners, we recognize that the right people can transform any role into a remarkable journey. While we may not have a predefined position to offer, we’re continually seeking individuals who resonate with our values and vision.

About Precision Partners:

At Precision Partners, we’re not just a company – we’re a revolution in the air pollution control (APC) arena, pioneering new. Frontiers in North American industrial manufacturing.
What sets us apart? Our radical approach to technologies, services, solutions, and risk. We’re not on the lookout for a specific role; we’re on the lookout for the right minds to join our ranks and drive our vision forward.

Why Us:

Dare to embrace the extraordinary. Our core mission is to craft solutions that perfectly align with our customers’ long-term compliance needs, transcending the boundaries of traditional products and services. We don’t merely offer a product; we deliver a transformative experience. With a unique ability to seamlessly integrate a myriad of products and services from various vendors into comprehensive solutions, we minimize complexity, reduce costs, and mitigate risks for our clients, allowing them to channel their focus where it matters most – their core business.

The Precision Partners Approach:

Our strength emanates from the collective expertise, experience, and passion of our team and partners. By harnessing a diverse talent pool, we engineer tailor-made solutions for our clients. We are the embodiment of tenacious individuals who challenge conventions and push boundaries daily. Working with us isn’t for the faint of heart – it’s for those who dare to reshape possibilities.

A Glimpse into Our World:

Prepare to be amazed. We’re not just delivering the unimaginable; we’re making the impossible feasible. Precision Partners stands as a testament to what others dismiss as unattainable. We challenge established norms and pioneer a revolutionary approach that genuinely benefits our customers. Our team understands it. Our partners understand it. Our growing clientele is embracing it. Are you poised to be a pivotal member of a team that confronts environmental challenges head-on?

Ready to Take the Leap?

If our values resonate with you and our vision ignites your passion, we invite you to take the next step. Share your story by completing the attached form and attaching your resume. Alternatively, connect with us directly at


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